The Wall Mounted Cantilever Umbrella

Why are they so versatile?

A wall mounted cantilever umbrella is great for those spaces where traditional umbrellas don’t fit. We’ve designed the Shadowspec Retreat™ to fit on apartment balconies, curbside at cafes & restaurants and for over spa pools to be the world’s most convenient umbrella.

When designing spaces, it’s important to make the most of your location, can’t waste space or encroach on other spaces. The Shadowspec Retreat is designed to deploy and retract with a minimal footprint to ensure you can provide shade without sacrifice.

wall mounted cantilever umbrella

High-performance Shade

The Shadowspec Retreat™ is built from sleek modern materials. We’ve handpicked the world’s best to ensure longevity. Anodised Aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel work in harmony with our in-house design philosophy.

Shadowspec’s family of New Zealand Designed umbrellas is centred around the patented Shadowlift system, Gas Assisted deployment to ensure an effortless elegance every time. The Shadowlift takes the weight and pressure of the Cantilever umbrella to help you with the deployment.

Gas-assisted, makes every deployment easy

Integrated roller allows smooth deployment

Extend for maximum shade reach

Protects from low-angled sun rays


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