Wall mounted umbrellas for patios vs other shade options

Compare umbrellas, awnings, pergolas and louvres.

The humble patio is an important part of any home build or renovation. The fresh outdoors, clean open spaces, good company and quality products are all integral to creating a space you can call your own. Shade is important and adding wall mounted patio umbrellas will add luxury and protection to the space.

What about other shade options I hear you ask? Well, let’s look at some of the options and how they compare to outdoor umbrellas and wall mounted umbrellas.

wall mounted patio umbrellas

Umbrellas Vs Awnings.

Wall mounted umbrellas and awnings occupy a similar space in outdoor patio design. Yes, the wall, but they are also looked at as a solution to cover people in narrow spaces or spaces where the floor is better let uninterrupted. Awnings are far harder to maintain over their lifetime than umbrellas. This is due to the considerable number of moving parts in an awning and its deployment system. Umbrellas are better than awnings and umbrellas such as the Shadowspec Retreat are easy to use and easy to open. Like awnings, wall mounted umbrellas can be used as a commercial umbrella in laneway bars, sidewalk cafes or anything in between.

Wall Mounted Umbrellas vs Pergolas

Pergolas are rigid, set, shade solutions for outdoor spaces. When you are comparing pergolas and wall mounted umbrellas for your outdoor space you must consider the way you intend to use it. The difference between a luxury outdoor patio and an underused one is the design. If you need a shade solution that is dynamic and multi-use, to move with the sun all year round, then an outdoor umbrella or wall mounted umbrella is amazing. Pergolas are good if you have a specific, rigid, requirement for what equates to an outdoor room in addition to your current living area. Pergolas are best suited to outdoor spaces with enough room to install and support the foundations of such a structure.

Wall Umbrellas vs Louvres

When comparing louvres and wall mounted umbrellas you need to consider the shifting sun. Louvers are designed to tweak their angle through out the day to ensure the ambient warmth of the sun filters into the sun whilst maintaining shade on the people under it. The frame, rails and internal moving parts are complex and need extensive maintenance. Contrasted with a wall mounted umbrella such as the Shadowspec Retreat, which is movable throughout the day with rotation and tilt capabilities.

Choosing an idyllic shade choice

The world of outdoor shade is vast, there are plenty of options to protecting those that matter to you from the sun and it is harsh UV Rays. The key considerations you need to make are they space you are trying to cover, what you are trying to cover and where the sun is going to be during the day. Take all of these into consideration when deciding on the shade solution you want to use.

The wall mounted patio umbrellas fill a role for those looking to shade interesting spaces that may not fit other options. Balconies in multi-occupancy or terraced housing is one example.

Outdoor shade is important and at Shadowspec we are here to assist you with ideas, designs and development for your outdoor space.

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