Install an additional bracket for a movable wall mounted umbrella

A fixed shade solution is not always best for a dynamic space—opt for a movable umbrella.

A Movable Umbrella — Sitting out on your patio on a warm afternoon, one is oft to wonder about how we are spinning around that hot, burning, ball of gas on out teal and turquoise marble. As the sun moves across the sky, rising and falling on each rotation of the Earth as it forever moves on its cosmic journey, the needs of our outdoor space will change. The Sun, as we know, rises in the east and sets in the west and we also know that our outdoor lingering, occurs in the evening.

So, where to install your wall umbrella? Do you set it up to dissipate the setting sun? is that angle and location sufficient for midday sun on the weekend? What if you need to add a bigger dining setting? A fixed shade solution is not the option for a dynamic outdoor space, so opt for a movable umbrella.

Movable wall mounted umbrella

Shadowspec Retreat™ — The wall mounted umbrella

Where should I install my outdoor umbrella?

Retreat Wall BracketMovable umbrellas are ideal. Install an additional wall mount bracket (right) for when umbrella is to be used in multiple locations. When you are out enjoying the fresh afternoon and evening breeze or a brisk lunch at midday, a wall mounted umbrella with tilt and rotation capability is the perfect solution.

You also need to be conscious of the shifting position and hang-time of sun throughout the year, the sun is not linear in its path. You can discover this online with a variety of tools. Our best recommendation is to use a sun path tool online to find the best place to mount an umbrella to maximise the coverage throughout the day. These tools allow you to input a location on Google Maps and you can see the path the sun will take at different points throughout the year. Based on this information you will be able to decide the best spot to install your umbrella.

Take note that the sun is around longer through the summer months so the sun path through summer should draw your focus. We recommend looking at the times over the summer holidays when you are going to be spending more time at home with your friends and family. Over the July holiday period in the northern hemisphere or the Christmas new years break for the southern hemisphere.

Wall Mounted Umbrellas and Outdoor Furniture

Think about your outdoor furniture for 2023 and beyond, you want to be able to create a harmonic layout where everything works together to create the most useful space. The correct positioning of your wall mounted patio umbrella in combination with outdoor furniture will lead to a more usable happy space for you, your friends and your family.

Other shade options such as louvres, shade sails and awnings are not as practical as a wall mounted umbrella because once they are installed, your ability to follow the sun throughout the day diminishes. The rotation combined with the tilt functionality of a wall mounted umbrella give you the best shade solution for your patio all year round.

The Shadowspec Retreat has been redesigned from the ground up to be the worlds best wall mounted umbrella. We have combined strong marine-grade materials with improved design and functionality to redefine the meaning of wall mounted shade.

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