Outdoor Furniture Trends

The 4 most important outdoor furniture trends for 2022


Outdoor Furniture Trends 2022

The core concepts of designing outdoor space are layout, colour and furniture. Layout is important, conceptualising the flow of your space, where people will congregate and how they will feel when present.

Colour can be anything from tone of material through to the plants you wish to pair with your design. Outdoor furniture fits in with these other two tenants of outdoor design.

Pulling all your design ideas together is a crucial step on your journey to quality outdoor shade. We have put together an inspiring list of quality outdoor furniture trends  to spark your imagination and to start your journey of backyard enjoyment.


1 – Outdoor Furniture – Loungers 

Lujo Sun Lounger

The Luxuy Ko Lanta from Lujo

An outdoor lounger is a fine addition to any outdoor space, modular and interesting, a comfortable lounger is the complete companion to any outdoor space that is looking to be usable. Encourage Friends and Family to relax and soak in the atmosphere created by your outdoor furniture. The best outdoor loungers are made from hard wearing materials such as teak wood and Marine grade acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella.

The Sun Lounger from Lujo is a great example of modern design blending into outdoor furniture and will complement any setting with the variety of styles and build quality

2 – Wall Mounted Umbrellas

A keystone product in any outdoor space is a Wall Mounted Umbrella. Create the flawless outdoor space with a modern, clean wall mount umbrella. Ideal for patios, clearing the way for more outdoor furniture to be placed and used underneath. Wall umbrellas are terrific at creating unincumbered spaces.

At Shadowspec, we have reinvented Wall Mounted Shade in the development of the Shadowspec Retreat that features modern design principals, materials and engineering to provide the best wall mounted umbrella in the world.

Shadowspec Retreat Umbrella

Shadowspec Retreat, a great spa pool umbrella

3 – Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor furniture shopping is not done until you have a dining set. The warm sun in the evening, fresh breeze sweeping in and an outdoor dining set ready to enjoy dinner with friends and family. This is the best way to enjoy dinner with friends and family and is the best part of having an outdoor dining area. You can create a relaxing environment that is enjoyable year round,

We are big fans of bench seating this year, creating a contemporary space that you can share with your friends and family. Modern colourways such as dark fabrics and light woods are the best way to go, you could also look at the contrast of black metals and dark woods for a rustic, industrial look.

4 – Warmth, Fire, Fun

The outdoors is unpredictable, that is why it is important to think about how we control as much of it as possible. Fire pits, fireplaces and heaters are all essential outdoor furniture purchases and should always be considered when designing your space. One of our favourite outdoor warmth suppliers, Trendz, are a fantastic company who make excellent products. Their fireplaces are designed to provide comfort and warmth all year round.

Trendz Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace from Trendz

We’ve been enjoying the outdoor heating supplied by Trendz Outdoor Living including the Twin Peak and the Burton. These outdoor fire solutions are great to keep you and your guests warm, happy and with the fire pit, not hungry. 

Luxury outdoor furniture is the key to turning your outdoor patio into a welcoming, warm and vibrant keystone space that holds your patio together.

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