How to choose an outdoor umbrella

Are you ready to buy an outdoor umbrella, but don’t know here to start?

We are here to help guide you into finding the perfect umbrella to complement and enhance your outdoor area.

When looking for the perfect shade solution, there are a few key factors to consider – how to choose and outdoor umbrella:

  • Size – we have a range of umbrellas that will suit larger spaces alongside the smaller, compact spaces.
  • Aesthetic – Some umbrellas offer the opportunity to match the canopy color to best suit your outdoor area, or just your personal preference.
  • Shape: Shadowspec umbrellas come in either square or octagonal, which can also add to your aesthetic.
  • Fixing options – Do you need your umbrella to be portable or fixed? How are you wanting to secure your umbrella?
  • Configuration – Do you need multiple umbrellas, and how do these best fit in your outdoor space?
  • Accessories: What additional items can you purchase to make your umbrella stand out?
  • Budget – All of the above considerations will factor into your budget. A good high quality outdoor umbrella will cost anywhere between $900 – $12,000. With good care will last you many years to come. Quality over quantity!

Now that you have an idea as to what to look out for, let’s go into more depth.

Size, shape and configuration:

The Only Patio Umbrella Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need (

Before purchasing an umbrella, you will want to map out the size of your outdoor area to ensure you get maximum coverage without impacting or limiting the space you have.

All our Shadowspec umbrellas come in a range of sizes and shapes ranging from the 6’7’’ / 2.0m square single canopy umbrella through to our largest model 20’ | 6.0m multi-canopy models, so you can customize your umbrella to suit your style and area.

  • For larger outdoor areas or commercial spaces, our Shadowspec Unity is a great option, you can choose between a, Duo, Trio or Quattro to maximize the shade provided, with the convenience of multiple umbrellas mounted to one mast.
  • If you have a smaller space or do not require multiple umbrellas, our Shadowspec Serenity is perfect to suit all outdoor areas.
  • Or, for those tricky to cover or small spaces like apartment balconies, our newest umbrella the wall mounted  Shadowspec Retreat is ideal. Made to be unobtrusive and takes up very little space, it is the perfect option.

Mounting options:

All our Shadowspec umbrellas come with 4 different mounting options to best suit you.

  • Surface Plate: Mounted directly onto you existing patio, decking or concrete. This is a secure permanent option.
  • In-ground Anchor: These are best used for a new build or where fresh concrete has been poured, this is the most secure permanent option but cannot be removed.
  • Portable Base: For when you want to be able to move your umbrella to different spots, you can move the base with ease with the additional castor wheels.
  • Wall Mount: If you have a wall or retaining wall near where you would like your umbrella to be, the wall mount is a good choice, it keeps your umbrella out of the way and secure.

Alternatively, our innovative Retreat wall mount umbrella mounts directly to the side of your house and it is the least obstructive umbrella model we offer. Perfect for small areas, over spa pools or on balconies.


Do you want your canopy to stand out in bright colors or stay neutral? We have a wide range of colors available, so view our full range.

*Please note, our special-order colors do have an additional surcharge and lead time.


There are a few accessories that we offer at Shadowspec to enhance and further protect your umbrella. From a protective cover to keep your canopy looking its best, battery packs to utilize the built in light to create ambiance to rain gutters to connect your multi canopies into one large shade.

Now the biggest question – Budget vs Price:

If you are interested in the pricing of our umbrellas, below is a link to help you with pricing and to decide what best suits you.

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